Summer Gift - Walkthrough

"Summer Gift" is an room escape game created by Taako, with English captions written by me (Nao Fénix).
Here is the walkthrough for this game provided for you:

Scenes list

Scene 1 Scene 1:
A desk, a window, a picture frame

Scene 2 Scene 2:
Boxes with animals drawn on them

Scene 3 Scene 3:
A door, a red screen, a low round table

Scene 4 Scene 4:
A ladder, a closet, a locked door

Scene 5 Scene 5:
The loft

Process 1: Check the homework list

Process 2: Write an essay

Process 3: Open the passnumber box at Scene 2

Process 4: Sew a duster cloth

Process 5: Open the boxes with animals drawn on them

Process 6: Open the password box in the closet

Process 7: Complete the weather record

Process 8: Complete the workbook

Process 9: Escape

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©2011 Gran-Fé --- Produced by Nao Fénix