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Hello my friends! This is Nao from Japan.

This is the second online riddle game I made in English (for the first one: click here).
Here you have to solve the ten riddles I present you, aiming for the Finale page!

In each page of riddle you put your answer in the text box and click [Go].
When you put your answer follow the rules indicated below, unless otherwise specified:

Each page also contains the [Clue] button, which will give you a clue.
There might be other clues which are hidden (or implicitly shown) somewhere in the page.
But, of course, make your best effort NOT to use these clues to pass!

OK, now let's begin.
Enter "start" and click [Go] to see whether it works successfully or not...


If your network security tool blocks "referer" information, this riddle may not work successfully.

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