Nao's sticky riddles — vol.03

This is Nao Fénix from Japan. Welcome to "Nao's sticky riddles - vol.03"!
You have to solve nine riddles to proceed to the final one.
For detailed instructions see this page.

日本人挑戦者のみなさま (For Japanese challengers):
日本語版 (ナオのリドル10題 Vol.10) はこちら

Page # Title Passnumber
1. (Aries) The pole position
2. (Taurus) Ask something about Japan
3. (Gemini) An argonaut of our time
4. (Cancer) Keep it up
5. (Leo) A merchant of Italy
6. (Virgo) Let's go shopping
7. (Libra) Mysterious numbers
8. (Scorpio) Guess what
9. (Sagittarius) "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN"

Sum of passnumbers:   

You can try Pages 1–9 in any order you like!
Each passnumber is an integer between 1 and 10000.

«Revision history»
Nov.28, 2011: Released
Jun.02, 2012: Re-released as a "parallel-arranged type" riddle game

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