25 questions to those who learn Japanese

Here are listed 25 questions to those who learn Japanese.
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Now here we go!

1. Where are you from and what's your mother language?

2. When did you start learning Japanese?

3. Why did you choose to learn Japanese?

4. And is that purpose achieved?

5. Have you ever been to Japan? If yes, what part of Japan did you visit?

6. How do you learn Japanese?

7. What do you like about Japanese? And what do you dislike about Japanese?

8. Do you like Japanese better than other foreign languages?

9. Do you (or Are you destined to) use Japanese in daily life or daily work?

10. What's your favorite Japanese phrase?

11. Is there any website written in Japanese you often view? If yes, tell us the name and URL of the website.

12. Is there any website you recommend which is about Japan/Japanese language and written in YOUR language?

13. What's your favorite [your language]-Japanese dictionary?

14. What's your favorite Japanese-[your language] dictionary?

15. Do you use Japanese-Japanese dictionary?

16. How much do you think Japanese language is popular in your country?

17. As you know, in Japanese three kinds of characters (kanji, hiragana, katakana) are used. Do you think it interesting, or disgusting?

18. Which of your skills for Japanese do you think is best: read, write, listen, or speak? And which one do you think you're not good at?

19. If a friend of yours want to learn a foreign language, would you recommend Japanese? And why/why not?

20. Do you have a native Japanese friend (including e-mail friend and SNS friend)?

21. In Japanese you should find a lot of homonyms - is there any instance where such homonyms confused you? And what were those homonyms?

22. What's your favorite song in Japanese?

23. Do you want to live in Japan in the future?

24. Do you have any message to those who are planning to learn Japanese?

25. Tell us about something you don't understand or you're surprised at, which you found in the course of learning Japanese.